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Dominatrix Dungeon

Sarasota BDSM
Dominatrix Dungeon ® S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231 * 941-225-9100 text only
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Domme Adena
You may call me Domme Adena or Mistress Adena. I am a Professional Dominatrix that books private 1-on-1, Multi-Domme and Couple BDSM sessions in the Sarasota Florida area.

BDSM is sacred. It has been a needful ache that’s guided me to this point in my life where I can safely say that it is the only lifestyle that sings to me with it’s sweet siren song. While I am a switch, humanity and our fickle flights of fantasy are more complex than simple labels. As a submissive, I crave a man that wields the forces of nature to tame, torment, and possess me to my core; mind, body and soul. This quality is exceedingly rare and the “I will submit to Sir” thickly inked across my chest is a testament to the only Him in the world that I serve.

However, you need not concern yourself with all of that, as we both know you will never be man enough to handle me, or any other, in that way. You may be able to fool others or even yourself, but I want you to understand I innately comprehend those loud and insatiable desires that bubble up in you from the dark gritty depths that demand to be explored. The needs and whims that consume your every thought until you pay them their due. Pain. Sensations. Experimentation. Debauchery. These are the primal carnal delights that you will lay at my feet and beg me to worship in our time together.

For 250 an hour, I will craft an experience in the soft red glow of the dungeon that plays with your desires. I will own you and guide you in ways that you can’t begin to imagine. Consider this your warning, as you will become painfully addicted to me and the chemicals I explode in your little primitive peon brain. Are you brave enough to find the purpose missing from your pathetic existence? We shall see...

Website: DommeAdena.com
Email: DommeAdena@gmail.com
Text: 941-229-0997
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