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Dominatrix Dungeon

Sarasota BDSM
Dominatrix Dungeon ® S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231 * 941-225-9100 text only
Mistress Annika           AnnikaVanderbilt.com

​You've been fantasizing about being dominated by a beautiful Female. 
Letting go of control, feeling your mind zero out in anticipation of Her touch, Her voice, Her power. You get hard thinking about it and porn isn't enough anymore. You're jealous of the actors in the clips. You ache craving the real experience.
But you haven't been able to find the One you seek. A sensuous, primal Woman who knows what She wants.

True submission and obedience toward a Female is one of the most fulfilling acts a male can endeavor to during his lifetime. Whether he identifies as "submissive" or not, the experience is deeply satisfying and unforgettable -- even if it only happens once.
But like many drugs submission is addictive. The calming effect of subspace will leave you lightheaded and dazed, utterly blissed out for hours. You will want Me again. And again.

Message Me to request a session at the Dominatrix Dungeon. 
In your message:
Tell me about one of your passions. Why does it matter to you?
Tell me about a powerful fantasy you have had.
Tell me about One Negative experience & Two Positive ones.
Any limits, triggers, injuries or health issues?

I will entertain fetishes that amuse me.  Know that my favorite thing is pushing your limits. Does that makes you a little nervous? Good!
Mistress Annika    941-800-1109